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Fubuki Tenjoin

New tune, anyone?

[Characters:] Fubuki, anyone who wanders along!
[Location:] Beach
[Summary:] Taking a break from the waves, Fubuki tries to compose a new tune.
Well, someone had to do the first posty thing. ^^; I hope this is okay!


Fubuki was humming to himself, a high pitched tune that occasionally died as he arranged the notes better in his head. In his lap was his beloved ukelale, just waiting for the new song to be played.

Finally, the creator was done with the bouncy arrangement and, picking up the instrument, Fubuki began to triumphantly pluck at the strings. Hardly comparable to Mozart or Bach, but, the brunette reasoned with himself, who wanted to do something like that when you had a simple ukelale? They needed simple songs, like this one. A song that carried it's way down the beach, along with a few words that Fubuki was trying to fit with the tune.

"Happy pineapple... In a red T-shirt..." He half-sang, closing his eyes happily.

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