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New tune, anyone?

[Characters:] Fubuki, anyone who wanders along!
[Location:] Beach
[Summary:] Taking a break from the waves, Fubuki tries to compose a new tune.
Well, someone had to do the first posty thing. ^^; I hope this is okay!


Fubuki was humming to himself, a high pitched tune that occasionally died as he arranged the notes better in his head. In his lap was his beloved ukelale, just waiting for the new song to be played.

Finally, the creator was done with the bouncy arrangement and, picking up the instrument, Fubuki began to triumphantly pluck at the strings. Hardly comparable to Mozart or Bach, but, the brunette reasoned with himself, who wanted to do something like that when you had a simple ukelale? They needed simple songs, like this one. A song that carried it's way down the beach, along with a few words that Fubuki was trying to fit with the tune.

"Happy pineapple... In a red T-shirt..." He half-sang, closing his eyes happily.

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((It's perfect. ^^ And now I will attempt to awaken up this seemingly dead community by inserting a mindless fangirl into the premises.</strike>


Junko was strolling along the foamy beach aimlessly, feeling the cool ocean breeze flow over her face. She had just arrived on the island in the Duel Academia boat and hadn’t seen heads or tails of Asuka or Momoe yet. She hoped they made it safely here; she wouldn’t know what she’d do if either of them didn’t arrive to the school!

"Happy pineapple…In a red T-shirt…"

Wait a minute, what was that sound? Upon hearing something that sounded like strings being strummed, Junko stopped walking and looked up. She laid eyes upon a handsome-looking fellow in a bright red Hawaiian t-shirt playing the ukulele. She immediately jolted out of her calm, reserved state and switched into her fangirl on overdrive mode. Bubbly, red hearts blossomed in both eyes and she clasped her hands together, trying to contain the drool that was threatening to escape her mouth.

"Fubuki-sama!" she squealed loudly and dashed over to the ukulele-playing surfer.
Pausing a little in his song Fubuki grinned and waved the hand that had been plucking the strings. He recognised her as a friend of his sisters. Tunko? Lunko? No, Junko, that was it. Heh, him and his memory sometimes... Shaking his head at himself the brunette lowered his hand.

"Heeey there, Junko-san." Fubuki greeted cheerfully. "Did you have a good holiday?" Plonking himself down in the sand he waited for her to join him, the ukelale laying over his lap.
She made a beeline towards her idol and plopped down on the sand next to him.

"Mh-hmm, my vacation was great!" she replied happily. “I went to the Bahamas and saw dolphins! Oh, and I got these gorgeous earrings!" She tilted her head to the side to flash her diamond studs. "Hey, if you're here then Asuka-san must be here as well!" She cast her gaze around. "Did you see her by any chance? Oh, I really want to talk to her -- it's been forever, you know what I mean -- we haven't really been in contact over the summer -- speaking of which how was your vacation...?"

Then Junko blinked. She rewound a few seconds and then inwardly slapped herself. There I go again, rambling my motor mouth off without letting anybody else talk, she chided herself. Think, Junko, think!

"Ah..." A sheepish grin. "Sugar. I ate too much sugar before I came here."

Junko resisted the urge to take Fubuki's ukulele and slam it to her head repeatedly.
Fubuki, on the ither hand, seemed compltely unfazed by the large amount of words coming out of the girls mouth. Instead he continued to smile peacefully, watching her.

"Ah, you know." He replied to the question, waving his hand with a big grin. "Sis is probably somewhere off beating off new fangirls or something. She'll turn up." Pausing Fubuki considered the holiday request. "It was great! The pineapples were so happy to see me, and so were the coconuts! So happy, that I promised them I'd write a song about them when I got back." A dreamy tone entered his voice as his grin became sillier.

"And sugars not bad! It's cool."
Junko then came to the conclusion if she did such a thing, she would eventually knock herself out cold and would cause an even bigger embarassing scene! So she refrained herself from touching his ukulele.

"Yes, I love sugar too. Lolipops and chocolate cake and Skittles..." She paused. "...wait a minute. Asuka-san has fangirls??!"

Another blink. She stared blankly at Fubuki.


"Has your sister suddenly decided to be bisexual over the summer?" she screeched.

Sorry for the delay. I'll respond much quicker from now on. *snickers* Fangirls... XDD;;; This is so demented.
Looking a little confused, Fubuki shook his head. What was it with some girls just, making high pitched noises all the time?

"I dunno if she is." He replied, giving a bit of a sheepish grin and a shrug. "But there are a bunch of new First Years girls who all want to be her little pupil kinda thing. Buddy or something like that." He smiled to Junko reassuringly, mistaking her shock for some sort of hyperactive love-struck panic.

"Calm down Junko-san..." He said, plucking at the strings to hopefully sooth her. "You'll pass out and then where would we be? Why, I'd have to treat you like a drown victim and give you mouth-to-mouth or something similar!"

Tis cool. I was resettling back into school, so it helped. ^^
Junko nearly fell over at his words. Her frenzied expression switched to that of a fish thrown out of the water and she gaped at him with her mouth wide open enough to catch flies. After a few seconds of gaping, she her voice finally unclogged from her throat.

“…ummm…yeah. Right…I should calm down…umm…yeah. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Heh, heh.” She closed her eyes and grinned embarrassedly.

Oh, what am I saying. I’d trade in my entire collection of lipgloss for Fubuki-sama to kiss me!
Nodding sagely Fubuki grinned and plucked a few more strings of his ukelale thoughtfully. After a few moments silnce he beamed and lifted it to play proplerly. A few seconds of plucking as intro, before he opened his mouth to sing.

"Oh, I told Junko-san of my sisters plight
And she paniced and thought she was gay
So I calmed her down and we sat in the light
While my sister is still in the fray!

Oh, Junko-san, Junko-san, Sis sent you a postcard
Maybe the post lost it 'long the way
Because I'm sure she'd love to let you know
Bout that burn on her bum she got that day!"

He finished triumphantly, looking to the brunette for approval. Okay, Asuka was probably gonna kill him for revealing that, but it fit the song and amused him. So what was the trouble?
Being the bubbly, peppy girl she was, Junko pretty much ignored the lyrics to his song (she vaguely recalled hearing 'Asuka' and 'gay' somewhere in between but it didn't really mean anything, right?) and gaily listened to the tune instaed.

"You have a really nice voice, Fubuki-sama," she chirped once he was done, closing her eyes and beaming at the blizzard prince. "Have you ever considered the showbiz?"
"AH, a few times Junko-san." He said with a soft sigh and grin. "But then I remember how much fun dueling is! I'd never be able to leave it, even if it meant travelling with my ukelale was another option." Fubuki paused with a grin that could only be described by an onlooker as mischevious.

"And of course, if I was out performing, I wouldn't be able to give solo concerts to pretty friends of my sister."
Junko found herself growing redder than a tomato at his comment.

"Fubuki-sama!" she exclaimed and slapped him on the arm playfully. "Stop teasing me!"

He thinks I'm pretty. She beamed. He really does...
Fubuki laughed, patting the girl on the head with his free hand, beaming at her.

"Well, of course I think you're Junko-san." He said cheerfully. "If I didn't, I wouldn't sing my pineapple song around you." After that explanation he nodded sagely. A thought seemed to hit him, making him tilt his head at her.

"Hey. Shouldn't you be looking for Asuka-chan?"
And it was then realization dawned upon her.

"Oh yeah! You make a good point! I should be looking for Asuka-san...and Momoe!"

After making a quick movement and brushing off the sand that had fallen on her uniform, Junko leapt up, beamed a smile and waved him a goodbye.

"Promise to visit us?"
Grinning Fubuki nodded, making no move to stand as he found it rather comfortable.

"I'll do my best!" The brunette said, beaming up at her. "Asuka-chan will just have to put up with me hanging round." Nodding a goodbye to her he plucked a few strings to give her leaving music, a kind of backround.

"Don't forget the happy pineapple!"
Another cheerful grin. "I won't!" Then without thinking, Junko whooshed over and planted her lips on Fubuki's cheek.

She caught her mistake instantly. I. Can. Not. Believe. I. Just. Did. That. Without catching Fubuki's eye, Junko turned around and muttered, "Erm, sorry! Byeeee~~"

With that, Junko fled the beach in a billow of sand and smoke.
Hardly phazed, the Blizzard Prince simply waved to the girl as she left before starting in on his ukelale again. It was true; innnocent minds are nearly always in a state of bliss.

(Yay for first completed thingy!)
Yesssssss~ This merely proves this community isn't going to die. We shall make this roleplay flourish if it's the last thing any of us does!