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Edo Phoenix

A casual duel.

[Characters:] Edo, Juudai, and whoever else is about Osiris Red or want so join.
[Location:] Osiris Red dormitory.
[Summary:] Edo's first meeting with Juudai and the others, more or less. ((Figured this was good as any to start with. Hope this is just right.))


The scenery was very pleasant. Green trees and even a rustic dirt road to follow. A young man with shoulder length silver hair made his way along the route leading from the main hub of the school, idly adjusting his stylized tie as he mulled over the day. He had just left the card shop with a newly thrown together deck. Eight packs meshed together for a forty card deck. One he had never used, and would soon have a field test of sorts. Now it was time to set foot on the first stepping stone of his destiny. It was time to see if the legend was, in fact, as legendary as he heard.

But he doubted it. This was to be one who could defeat him. And he, Edo Phoenix, knew he could not be defeated. He was certain of it.

The older students he passed gave him curious looks. He was not dressed as any other student, wearing a crisp white suit with a light blue dress shirt underneath. The young man smiled politely at those he made eye contact with. Some muttered under their breath that he looked familiar. A gasp here and there told him that he had been recognized after all, but he had no intention of pausing for autographs. No, those would wait for later. Instead, he flashed a winning smile as he continued on his way.

Eventually, after quite a distance of walking, he found himself outside of the Osiris Red dorm and for a moment, a look of dissatisfaction swept across his face. What a decrepit dorm, am I to believe such a duelist as the one I'm looking for...resides here? Edo's brows creased in disbelief before he trained his face into a more stoic expression even if he noticed paint peeling and a little rust here and there. Even the smallest ant could be mighty, he supposed. Rolling his shoulders in a shrug, he ascended the steps. According to Tome-san, the one he was looking for was on the first floor, second door down.

Finding the right door as he had been told, he gave a polite knock, a feather-light smile gracing his lips as he waited for the response. Work out his tactics and follow through, fate is on my side...


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