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Tutorings and Rumors

[Characters:] Junko Makita, Daichi Misawa
[Location:] Misawa's room at the Ra Yellow dorms
[Summary:] Frustrated and scared that she might be expelled for continuously failing her exams, Junko decides to seek out some private tutoring from the academia’s genius.
[Note:] Certain parts of this scene are based off one of dancingkirby's fanfictions known as Sick Rumors. It's recommended that you read her story beforehand in order to get a complete understanding of what is going on in this scene.


Junko Makita was standing nervously in front of the room, Daichi Misawa’s room. Her legs were trembling. The textbook she was clutching were damp from her sweaty palms. Honestly, she didn’t want to be here. She wanted to be at the spas with her two friends or at least in the comfort of her bed, but there was no time to enjoy such luxuries when her future at duel academia loomed ominously in front of her.

The truth was she was failing her classes. She received a consecutive D’s from Chronos-sensei, scraped a meager B- from Kabayama’s art class, and wasn’t quite sure how she did with Hibiki! In the beginning it didn’t really bother her; Junko was more interested in flirting with cute guys on the campus like Ayanokouji. But as time and her grades dropped lower and lower, the full reality of the situation hit her like heavy bricks -- her ‘kassan paid good money to send her to a private school located on an island and failing to keep her grades up meant expulsion!

That’s were Misawa came in. It didn’t matter that there was an off chance he was a pervert. The point was he was smart and he could help her with her tests! So she called Asuka over for a causal talk, snuck in the innocent question of Misawa’s dorm number amidst the conversation so she wouldn’t suspect anything, and told Momoe she was going to be out of the night. And this is where Junko was now. In front of his door.

I have to do this. Even if Momoe and the other girls are right about the amazoness and the magic spell, Misawa is still my last hope. If I do poorly on this next exam, I’m going to fail the semester and get kicked out of the academia!

Junko swallowed in spite of herself and squeezed her eyes shut. She mentally counted to three. Then she took a deep, calming breath and straightened up, her eyes flickering open once more. Junko rapped her knuckles on the door and waited patiently.

I hope he isn’t too scary, was her final thought before the door swung open.
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