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Breaking The Habit

[Characters:] Jun Manjyoume + Tori Wakame [[Manjyoume-Chan is in Obelisk though]]
[Location:] Harbour (Subject to change)
[Summary:] Upset at the recent news of his brothers still pestering him to become a 'Top Duellist', Manjyoume Jun wonders when exactly he's allowed 'out'. And when he's allowed to break free from all of the lines that have been written for him to follow since the beginning of God knows when.


Dear Brother,

What's this we hear about you losing to a stupid punk who, not only is in the Lowest Rank of your very expensive school, but also apparently is a drop out, good for nothing Slacker!? We thought we had the message into your brain already. If we want World Domination we expect you to play your part perfectly in the same way that Chosaku and I have!

We don't tolerate failure, Jun. Never have and never will. You should know this by now!

If we hear one more time about you failing you know what we'll do. How could you do something like this, Jun!? You know it's what we've all been working on for so lon-

The rest of the note fell into disgusting scrawls of illegible black; though, not as one might assume, it was not because the writer had decided to go delirious and scribble in rage instead of kindly placing such fury into proper, acceptable literature; it was perhaps because an aggressive, ebony haired teenage boy had taken out his own very inky black pen and scribbled over the rest of the note.

That is, before tearing the note in quarters and scrunching them into one not-so-impressive paper ball and furiously tossing it aimlessly into the Ocean. He had no cares as to what happened to the note; it held nothing of significant importance anyway. After all, he knew what the rest of it would say. It would be filled with the ritualistic disappointment of those bumbling, selfish idiots whom he was forced to call his 'brothers'.

At times, he had to admit that even Marufuji Ryo's treatment to his own brother was alot better than the way Manjyoume Shoji and Manjyoume Chokasu treated him. Manjyoume Jun. Their little brother. Though he doubted they even thought of him in that sense. After all; he was only a little figment of their plan. Only important until their 'World Domination' was complete. Yeah right, like they'd succeed in World Domination with Seto Kaiba still existing, The teen thought acidly before standing up abruptly.

He had been at the dock that lead so seductively into the Ocean. There were some times were Manjyoume Jun had thought of nothing but allowing the temptress to lure him into a non-existent
Paradise. He had thought that ending it would be one way to solve his problems. But then, he had thought with a different perspective; as was his way. Always taking a look from a cynic's perspective. 

He knew how much his brothers loathed him at times. After all, wasn't he just a pawn in a newly wiped board? He thought he was. He infuriated them every time something not-so-fortunate occurred to him or that could potentially ruin the Manjyoume Family Name. And that thought, though exceedingly annoying; almost always exuded a wave of sheer sadistic ecstasy at the thought of irritating them. They deserved whatever problems Manjyoume Jun caused for them. 

They deserved it for what he did to him. No, not what they did. What they did and what they're doing.

Standing, Manjyoume Jun then decided to re-arrange his body posture; leaning gently and arrogantly back onto the Light House before closing his eyes. It was fairly early in the morning. Hardly anyone was up. But then again; there rarely was anyone up until mid-day at
Duel Academy on Saturdays anyway. Saturdays meant no classes. Saturdays meant less people. Saturdays meant that Manjyoume Jun could finally be free from a critical public eye.

An eye that he loathed only too much.

((Hope it's workable >< I'm rather brain-dead but I had to post something. Unfortunately, you've caught me in a bad moment since normally my introductions are much longer and better written >< But I'm stressed. So bear with me :D))

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