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~ & Yuugiou Genex romance <//> ~

...we swear it's not only for the secondary characters *coughs*...

A Yu-gi-oh GX roleplay for secondary characters.
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[ I n t r o d u c t i o n ]

Yo, and welcome to gx_romance! This is a roleplay for the numerous interactions between the secondary and minor characters in Yuugiou GX that only have one or two episode cameos. We are here to promote the love for these underappreciated characters so while there won’t be too much main character/main character interactions, there will be quite a lot of minor character/minor character and occasionally some main character/minor character interactions. Yet, despite the name, the roleplay does not solely focus on romance. Simple friendship, sibling bonding, and all other aspects of a relationship between two characters are allowed as well.

If this appeals to you then come on and join!

[ R u l e s ]

Be open-minded! – If you think yaoi and yuri are the most twisted things in the world and can not stand the mere SIGHT of it, then please take your leave now. We’re not expecting you to automatically like yaoi or yuri, but at the very least be tolerant of those who do enjoy it.

No bashing. – If you hate a particular pairing, then seethe in silence or rant your heart out in your private LJ but keep it out of the community. In addition, please don’t argue about what is ‘canon’ and what is ‘un-canonical’ just because you discovered the character you want to interact with is already taken by somebody else.

Under. The. Cut. – While the accepting of other people’s personal romantic preferences has been stressed on the above two rules, it’s fully understandable that some of the material here might make people woozy in the stomach especially if they’re underage. This is why all explicit posts must have a LJ-cut it and appropriate warnings to avoid accidental contact from people who rather stay away from reading kinky lemons.

Be respectful. – Godmodding is bad and will be looked down upon. If you are new to the roleplaying world, we will be lenient on what you can get away with for the time being, but remember to watch your actions. Don't force somebody to do something your way nor should you tell another person they're playing their RP character wrong based on your personal beliefs unless you believe it is an issue that offends the entire community.

Be active! – Nothing weighs down a good RPG like inactive journals. After three full months of inactivity, you will be automatically removed from the character list and the chances are somebody else will take over that character for you. There will be no warnings. There will be no second chances.

Creativity – The big difference between this roleplay and other roleplays is that the chances are none of the characters you will be taking up with have cut-and-dry personality qualities, history records, and some might not even have an actual deck! Tiny little interactions that happen between trifling characters are obviously not going to be included in a thirty-minute episode that premiers once ever Wednesday so it’s up to the players to fill in the gaps the creators left. Feel free to make up some background history about your character and give them some personality if they weren’t developed enough in the actual anime. In addition, namedropping is far from a crime and highly encouraged in order to get a genuine feeling for the surroundings of the academia.

Original Characters – In the beginning, OC's were only restricted to the gx_npcs. However, now we are allowing *one* OC per person in order to speed up gameplay and promote life among our members. However, the only way for you to play an original character is to take up a canon character beforehand. This is very important; we do not want a roleplay swarmed with only OC's and lacking the Genex cast. In addition, when you submit a character, he or she will go underneath very strict scrutiny in order to ensure they aren't a Mary-sue/Gary-stu and will not mar the canon.

Quotas – You may take up to two canon characters and one OC. If you want to drop a character in order to take up another, that's fine too.

Have fun! - This community was created to give people who have no lives something to do. We want you to have a good time roleplaying with us. If you feel like you don't...then talk to one of the mods and we'll see if we can work something out.

Apply for a character?

[ A v a i l a b l e C h a r a c t e r s ]

Abidos the Third
Albert Zweinstein
Anacis (Admiral)
Amon Garam
Asuka Tenjoin (Alexis Rhodes)
Austin O'Brien
Blamagigirl (Dark Magician Girl)
Black Scorpion Grave Digging Group (The Dark Scorpions)
Camilla (Camula)
Chousaku Manjyome (Slade Princeton)
Chronos de Medici (Vellian Crowler)
Daitokuji (Lyman Banner)
Doctor Collector
Emi Ayukawa (Fonda Fontaine)
Friend of Justice - Kaibaman (Kaibaman)
Gin Ryusei (Lorenzo)
Hayato Maeda (Chumley Huffington)
Honoumaru (Blaze)
Houzan Gokaido (Reginald van Howell the Third)
Ichinose (Foster)
Ikkaku Tachibana
Ikazuchimaru (Thunder)
Inukai (Mad Dog)
Iwamaru (T-bone)
Jim Crocodile Cook
Johan Andersen
Junko Makita (Jasmine)
Kabayama (Satyr)
Kagurazaka (Dimitri)
Kohara (Brier)
Kourimaru (Frost)
Kousuke Kunisaki (Gerard)
Kumazou Maeda (Mr. Huffington)
Mitsuo (Pierre the Gambler)
Mitsuru Ayanokouji (Harrington Rosewood)
Mizuchi Saiou (Serina)
Mokeo Motegi (Belowski)
Momoe Hamaguchi (Mindy)
Monkey Saruyama (Mr. Shroud)
Ohara (Beauregard)
Napoleon (Jean Louis Bonaparte)
Prince Orgene I
Princess Rose (Princess Rose)
Ran Kochou (Missy)
Rei Saotome (Blaire Flannigan)
Samejima (Sheppard)
Sara (Yasmin)
Seika Kohinata
Shou Marufuji (Syrus Truesdale)
Shouji Manjyome (Jagger Princeton)
Sombre Guerrero
Sommelier Parker
Taira Taizan (Damon)
Taniya (Tania)
Tome (Dorothy)
Tsugio Kanda (Bob Banter)
Tyranno Kenzan (Tyranno Hassleberry)
X (Howard X Miller)
Yuri Edogawa (Czar)

...anybody else you wish to create?

[ T a k e n C h a r a c t e r s ]

Tori Wakame (Tori) - blueallover played by Ramone
Edo Phoenix (Aster Phoenix)- d_hero played by safaiakisaki
Juudai Yuuki (Jaden Yuki) - juudai_red played by adalee222
Fubuki Tenjoin (Atticus Rhodes) - surfinluvwaves played by Ramone
Daichi Misawa (Bastion Misawa) - invisible_nerd played by dancingkirby
Torrey Takadera (Torrey) - takadera played by albino_dorei
Takuma Saiou (Sartorius) - takuma_saiou played by chakrabluwings
Ryou Marufuji (Zane Truesdale) - kaiser_ryo played by kaiser_rj
Jun Manjyome (Chazz Princeton)-armed_thunder played by stealthe_chan
Isaka - occultistn00b played by ladysekhmet

[ O r i g i n a l C h a r a c t e r s ]

Susan Polo - susanpolo played by daidjou

[ A f f i l i a t e s ]

debates_r_us The community for completely pointless debates!

[ D i s c l a i m e r ]

None of us own the Yu-gi-oh! Genex characters, plot, or storyline. They belong to Nihon Ad Systems Inc and licensed by 4Kids Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Animation. Please do not sue for the lot of us don't have attorneys waiting hand and foot.