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[Attention Students!]

Attention Students!

To celebrate the coming of Spring, we are holding a Spring Ball at the end of May!

The celebrations will include a fair with fun stalls and games to play, and the evenings main event will be a dance for the entire school!


...don't we have enough OOC here?!

One) There's a new layout for the comm! New background, new colors, new icons; everything's new and original! (I only say this because the first layout was copy-and-pasted from some website. >_<;;)

Two) Also say hello to our newest player and first original character -- Susan Polo, who's played by daidjou. So, yeah, be nice.

[Edit:] Comments are now disabled due to some personal issues involving one of our members.
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OOC. Really.

One) I'm taking up Mizuchi's account. I can't give myself a stamp of approval so I just wanted to tell you all that.

Two) ...does anybody actually use the IRC channel? If you do, raise your hand.

Three) Does anybody know how to fix Love 4 // Form a romance? into 4 Love // Form a romance?

[Edit: It works, it WORKS!]

Some (OOC) Questions about Lemon Scenes...

The subject came up once in the RP scene I'm currently involved in, so I thought I might as well get some things clarified.

-Do characters always have to take 100 comments to get to know each other before doing anything? On one hand, I guess it's more "realistic"...but on the other hand, the situation often calls for a Monty Python-esque "GET ON WITH IT!"

-As a matter of fact, can people meet and "do stuff" in the same scene? Or was the Wakame/Takadera thing an exception?

-Does the "stuff" actually "happen" in the RP-verse? I never could understand the concept of OIC. I remember the people in the Old RP of Doom getting pissy when my OC and another OC did stuff. They said it was against school rules and unrealistic and yadda yadda yadda. (But funnily enough, those rules never applied to THEIR characters...)

-Is it mandatory that all the lemon scenes be super-explicit when they occur? I've sort of gotten to the point where I can vaguely describe feelings and sensations and stuff, but I can't really SAY what's happening yet.

That's about all the questions...for now, at least.

Breaking The Habit

[Characters:] Jun Manjyoume + Tori Wakame [[Manjyoume-Chan is in Obelisk though]]
[Location:] Harbour (Subject to change)
[Summary:] Upset at the recent news of his brothers still pestering him to become a 'Top Duellist', Manjyoume Jun wonders when exactly he's allowed 'out'. And when he's allowed to break free from all of the lines that have been written for him to follow since the beginning of God knows when.


Dear Brother,

What's this we hear about you losing to a stupid punk who, not only is in the Lowest Rank of your very expensive school, but also apparently is a drop out, good for nothing Slacker!? We thought we had the message into your brain already. If we want World Domination we expect you to play your part perfectly in the same way that Chosaku and I have!

We don't tolerate failure, Jun. Never have and never will. You should know this by now!

If we hear one more time about you failing you know what we'll do. How could you do something like this, Jun!? You know it's what we've all been working on for so lon-

The rest of the note fell into disgusting scrawls of illegible black; though, not as one might assume, it was not because the writer had decided to go delirious and scribble in rage instead of kindly placing such fury into proper, acceptable literature; it was perhaps because an aggressive, ebony haired teenage boy had taken out his own very inky black pen and scribbled over the rest of the note.

That is, before tearing the note in quarters and scrunching them into one not-so-impressive paper ball and furiously tossing it aimlessly into the Ocean. He had no cares as to what happened to the note; it held nothing of significant importance anyway. After all, he knew what the rest of it would say. It would be filled with the ritualistic disappointment of those bumbling, selfish idiots whom he was forced to call his 'brothers'.

At times, he had to admit that even Marufuji Ryo's treatment to his own brother was alot better than the way Manjyoume Shoji and Manjyoume Chokasu treated him. Manjyoume Jun. Their little brother. Though he doubted they even thought of him in that sense. After all; he was only a little figment of their plan. Only important until their 'World Domination' was complete. Yeah right, like they'd succeed in World Domination with Seto Kaiba still existing, The teen thought acidly before standing up abruptly.

He had been at the dock that lead so seductively into the Ocean. There were some times were Manjyoume Jun had thought of nothing but allowing the temptress to lure him into a non-existent
Paradise. He had thought that ending it would be one way to solve his problems. But then, he had thought with a different perspective; as was his way. Always taking a look from a cynic's perspective. 

He knew how much his brothers loathed him at times. After all, wasn't he just a pawn in a newly wiped board? He thought he was. He infuriated them every time something not-so-fortunate occurred to him or that could potentially ruin the Manjyoume Family Name. And that thought, though exceedingly annoying; almost always exuded a wave of sheer sadistic ecstasy at the thought of irritating them. They deserved whatever problems Manjyoume Jun caused for them. 

They deserved it for what he did to him. No, not what they did. What they did and what they're doing.

Standing, Manjyoume Jun then decided to re-arrange his body posture; leaning gently and arrogantly back onto the Light House before closing his eyes. It was fairly early in the morning. Hardly anyone was up. But then again; there rarely was anyone up until mid-day at
Duel Academy on Saturdays anyway. Saturdays meant no classes. Saturdays meant less people. Saturdays meant that Manjyoume Jun could finally be free from a critical public eye.

An eye that he loathed only too much.

((Hope it's workable >< I'm rather brain-dead but I had to post something. Unfortunately, you've caught me in a bad moment since normally my introductions are much longer and better written >< But I'm stressed. So bear with me :D))

Tutorings and Rumors

[Characters:] Junko Makita, Daichi Misawa
[Location:] Misawa's room at the Ra Yellow dorms
[Summary:] Frustrated and scared that she might be expelled for continuously failing her exams, Junko decides to seek out some private tutoring from the academia’s genius.
[Note:] Certain parts of this scene are based off one of dancingkirby's fanfictions known as Sick Rumors. It's recommended that you read her story beforehand in order to get a complete understanding of what is going on in this scene.


Junko Makita was standing nervously in front of the room, Daichi Misawa’s room. Her legs were trembling. The textbook she was clutching were damp from her sweaty palms. Honestly, she didn’t want to be here. She wanted to be at the spas with her two friends or at least in the comfort of her bed, but there was no time to enjoy such luxuries when her future at duel academia loomed ominously in front of her.

The truth was she was failing her classes. She received a consecutive D’s from Chronos-sensei, scraped a meager B- from Kabayama’s art class, and wasn’t quite sure how she did with Hibiki! In the beginning it didn’t really bother her; Junko was more interested in flirting with cute guys on the campus like Ayanokouji. But as time and her grades dropped lower and lower, the full reality of the situation hit her like heavy bricks -- her ‘kassan paid good money to send her to a private school located on an island and failing to keep her grades up meant expulsion!

That’s were Misawa came in. It didn’t matter that there was an off chance he was a pervert. The point was he was smart and he could help her with her tests! So she called Asuka over for a causal talk, snuck in the innocent question of Misawa’s dorm number amidst the conversation so she wouldn’t suspect anything, and told Momoe she was going to be out of the night. And this is where Junko was now. In front of his door.

I have to do this. Even if Momoe and the other girls are right about the amazoness and the magic spell, Misawa is still my last hope. If I do poorly on this next exam, I’m going to fail the semester and get kicked out of the academia!

Junko swallowed in spite of herself and squeezed her eyes shut. She mentally counted to three. Then she took a deep, calming breath and straightened up, her eyes flickering open once more. Junko rapped her knuckles on the door and waited patiently.

I hope he isn’t too scary, was her final thought before the door swung open.

Bad weather

[Characters:] Fubuki Tenjoin, Ryou Marufuji
[Location:] School Library
[Summary:] Lonely and driven inside by bad weather, Fubuki decides to *shock horror* do some homework...


Fubuki was, for once, not in a great mood. The rain and wind had driven the surfer inside to seek shelter from the chill, and so he had been given the oh-so wonderful oppertunity to actually do some homework.

So that's just what he was here to do.

Carrying the pile of books and papers that he probably didn't need too much, the brunette peered over the top of them in search for a place to sit. God knows he wanted someone to natter to while he supposedly worked.


Casual Obelisks

[Characters:] Tori Wakame, Torrey Takadera.
[Location:] Trees outside of the Obelisk blue dorm.
[Summary:] Hey, even sidekicks need some time out. So Tori decides to take some, just to relax...
[Warning:] There be Yaoi further down the comments, ranging from Medium to uh... EXTRA Strong. Ish. If you're sensitive to that sort of thing. Ye be warned!


"Finally." Tori thought to himself, securing a place under a large tree. Manjoume-san was wonderful and all, but sometimes, wow. Ego much? Sighing a little to himself the bluenette opened the book he had brought with him, leaning against the oak to begin reading.

Luckily for him, the grounds surrounding the Obelisk dorms were blissfully free of any annoying personalities. Also free of anyone who could recognise the title of the book and what it contained: Lolita, by Vladamir Nabakov. It never ceased to amuse Tori how often people took that the wrong way... It was just a wonderful love story, to people who could understand it.

Settling down he began to read, glasses glinting every so often as he moved to turn the page.

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A casual duel.

[Characters:] Edo, Juudai, and whoever else is about Osiris Red or want so join.
[Location:] Osiris Red dormitory.
[Summary:] Edo's first meeting with Juudai and the others, more or less. ((Figured this was good as any to start with. Hope this is just right.))


The scenery was very pleasant. Green trees and even a rustic dirt road to follow. A young man with shoulder length silver hair made his way along the route leading from the main hub of the school, idly adjusting his stylized tie as he mulled over the day. He had just left the card shop with a newly thrown together deck. Eight packs meshed together for a forty card deck. One he had never used, and would soon have a field test of sorts. Now it was time to set foot on the first stepping stone of his destiny. It was time to see if the legend was, in fact, as legendary as he heard.

But he doubted it. This was to be one who could defeat him. And he, Edo Phoenix, knew he could not be defeated. He was certain of it.

The older students he passed gave him curious looks. He was not dressed as any other student, wearing a crisp white suit with a light blue dress shirt underneath. The young man smiled politely at those he made eye contact with. Some muttered under their breath that he looked familiar. A gasp here and there told him that he had been recognized after all, but he had no intention of pausing for autographs. No, those would wait for later. Instead, he flashed a winning smile as he continued on his way.

Eventually, after quite a distance of walking, he found himself outside of the Osiris Red dorm and for a moment, a look of dissatisfaction swept across his face. What a decrepit dorm, am I to believe such a duelist as the one I'm looking for...resides here? Edo's brows creased in disbelief before he trained his face into a more stoic expression even if he noticed paint peeling and a little rust here and there. Even the smallest ant could be mighty, he supposed. Rolling his shoulders in a shrug, he ascended the steps. According to Tome-san, the one he was looking for was on the first floor, second door down.

Finding the right door as he had been told, he gave a polite knock, a feather-light smile gracing his lips as he waited for the response. Work out his tactics and follow through, fate is on my side...


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New tune, anyone?

[Characters:] Fubuki, anyone who wanders along!
[Location:] Beach
[Summary:] Taking a break from the waves, Fubuki tries to compose a new tune.
Well, someone had to do the first posty thing. ^^; I hope this is okay!


Fubuki was humming to himself, a high pitched tune that occasionally died as he arranged the notes better in his head. In his lap was his beloved ukelale, just waiting for the new song to be played.

Finally, the creator was done with the bouncy arrangement and, picking up the instrument, Fubuki began to triumphantly pluck at the strings. Hardly comparable to Mozart or Bach, but, the brunette reasoned with himself, who wanted to do something like that when you had a simple ukelale? They needed simple songs, like this one. A song that carried it's way down the beach, along with a few words that Fubuki was trying to fit with the tune.

"Happy pineapple... In a red T-shirt..." He half-sang, closing his eyes happily.