Tori Wakame (blueallover) wrote in gx_romance,
Tori Wakame

Casual Obelisks

[Characters:] Tori Wakame, Torrey Takadera.
[Location:] Trees outside of the Obelisk blue dorm.
[Summary:] Hey, even sidekicks need some time out. So Tori decides to take some, just to relax...
[Warning:] There be Yaoi further down the comments, ranging from Medium to uh... EXTRA Strong. Ish. If you're sensitive to that sort of thing. Ye be warned!


"Finally." Tori thought to himself, securing a place under a large tree. Manjoume-san was wonderful and all, but sometimes, wow. Ego much? Sighing a little to himself the bluenette opened the book he had brought with him, leaning against the oak to begin reading.

Luckily for him, the grounds surrounding the Obelisk dorms were blissfully free of any annoying personalities. Also free of anyone who could recognise the title of the book and what it contained: Lolita, by Vladamir Nabakov. It never ceased to amuse Tori how often people took that the wrong way... It was just a wonderful love story, to people who could understand it.

Settling down he began to read, glasses glinting every so often as he moved to turn the page.

Tags: takadera, wakame
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